Automotive Manufacturing

Chevy Cruze
The keystone of the automotive industry in the Youngstown-Warren area is the General Motors Lordstown Complex. Although placed on unallocated status in 2019, the plant was home to company's award-winning Chevrolet Cruze, one of the company's best sellers since its introduction in 2010.  GM had re-vamped the plant's manufacturing lines for the Cruze and its various models, investing more than $500 million into the upgrades. 

Auto parts manufacturers in the Youngstown-Warren region have close relationships with major assembly plants worldwide. Among the area's Tier suppliers, Aptiv (formerly Delphi Automotive ) produces wiring harnesses and Flex N Gate makes dashboards and side panels.  

The area also houses Aptiv Electrical/Electronic Architecture Technical Center and Testing Facility in Champion. The state-of-the-art technical center's capabilities can expose products to the most stringent transportation, military and other standards. The company is also innovative in its research of fuel cells and batteries.

The Youngstown-Warren region has exceptional logistical access. From trucking routes north to south along Ohio State Route 11 and east to west on US-Interstate 80-76, to a connection of railways and port access, product moves easily from manufacturer to customer with minimal business interruption. Youngstown-Warren has one-day east-west access to both New York and Chicago and north access to Toronto, Canada. Also, most major manufacturers along the southern I-75 corridor are within a 600-mile radius of the Youngstown-Warren area.

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